Common Weight Loss Pills: Effectiveness And Safety

weight loss pills

Scottsdale, Arizona - The appeal of losing weight quickly is hard to resist. But do weight-loss pills and products lighten anything but your wallet? And are they a safe option for weight loss? Here's a look at some over-the-counter weight-loss pills and what they will and won't do for you.

Over-the-counter doesn't mean risk-free
A number of weight-loss pills are available at your local drugstore, supermarket or health food store. Even more options are available online. Most haven't been proved effective, and some may be downright dangerous.

Dietary supplements and weight-loss aids aren't subject to the same rigorous standards as are prescription drugs. Thus, they can be sold with limited proof of effectiveness or safety. Once a product is on the market, however, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) monitors its safety and can take action to ban or recall dangerous products. Indeed, the FDA has banned the sale of supplements containing ephedra and other ephedrine-like ingredients.

Check the facts before you buy
It's important to do your homework if you're thinking about trying over-the-counter weight-loss pills. Read labels and talk with your doctor or pharmacist. Also be sure to check the FDA website for alerts about safety concerns and product recalls. 
The table shows common weight-loss pills and what the research shows about their effectiveness and safety.

ProductClaimEffectivenessSide effects
Alli — OTC version of prescription drug orlistat (Xenical) Decreases absorption of dietary fat Effective; but weight loss is even more modest than that with Xenical Loose stools, oily spotting, frequent or hard-to-control bowel movements; reports of rare, but serious liver injury
Bitter orange Increases calories burned Probably ineffective Similar to ephedra: raised blood pressure and heart rate
Chitosan Blocks absorption of dietary fat Probably ineffective Uncommon: upset stomach, nausea, gas, increased stool bulk, constipation
Chromium Decreases appetite and increases calories burned Probably ineffective Uncommon: headache, insomnia, irritability, mood changes, cognitive dysfunction
Conjugated linoleic acid Reduces body fat Possibly effective Upset stomach, nausea, loose stools
Green tea extract Decreases appetite, and increases calorie and fat metabolism Insufficient evidence to evaluate Dizziness, insomnia, agitation, nausea, vomiting, bloating, gas, diarrhea
Guar gum Blocks absorption of dietary fat and increases feeling of fullness Possibly ineffective Abdominal pain, gas, diarrhea
Hoodia Decreases appetite Insufficient evidence to evaluate Insufficient information available
Sources: U.S. Food and Drug Administration, 2011; Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, 2011

Include your doctor in your weight-loss plans

If you're considering trying weight-loss pills, be sure to talk with your doctor, especially if you have health problems or take prescription drugs. Your doctor can provide support and advice on losing weight and can monitor your progress. Just as important, your doctor can talk with you about possible side effects and what to watch out for.

In addition, your doctor can help determine if weight-loss pills are likely to interact with any prescription drugs you take. Many weight-loss pills contain multiple ingredients, such as herbs, botanicals, vitamins, minerals, and even caffeine or laxatives. If you take prescription drugs - or herbal or dietary supplements - adding weight-loss pills to the mix can be tricky.

Despite the hype, no quick fixes

The makers of weight-loss pills would like you to believe that their products will miraculously solve your weight problems. But keep in mind that even if you take a weight-loss pill, you still have to eat fewer calories than your body uses in order to lose weight. And even if these products help you lose weight initially, you will probably have to keep taking them to keep the weight off, which may not be practical or safe.

The reality is that there's no magic bullet for losing weight. The most effective way to lose weight and keep it off is through lifestyle changes: Eat healthy, low-calorie foods, watch portion sizes and be physically active. It's not magic, but it works.
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Whey Protein For Weight Loss And Fitness

Whey Protein and Weight Loss
Weight Loss Scale

“Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet, eating her curds and whey.”

That’s the first time most people probably ever heard of whey protein – a protein powder that is commonly sold in health food stores like GoNutrition and smoothie shops like Robek’s – when the word “whey” (pronounced like “way”) was sung during a popular nursery rhyme. These days, whey as a source of protein is being used by more everyday, average folks outside of the bodybuilding set, simply because celebrity personal trainers to the stars are making the general public aware of the big beauty benefits that whey holds.

Need effective weight loss tips? Try whey, say celebrity trainers like Harley Pasternak – a guy who has helped stars like Halle Berry, Lady Gaga, Robert Pattinson and Robert Downey, Jr., get back in top form, reports People.

Although seeking out excellent sources of protein usually isn’t top of the list of many folks’ search for beauty tips that help assist their overall health, great looks, and wellbeing, surprisingly the more “perfect” protein has been credited with helping the weight loss process, and cutting high cholesterol numbers to boot.
As reported by the Inquisitr, whey is a better source of protein than others because of the way the digestive system more easily converts whey into usable protein chains, over and above soy protein.

Shape says that other celebrity trainers like Jillian Michaels agree in whey protein’s benefits at the top of the list for beauty tips – for building beautiful lean muscles, that is. So beyond simply painting on makeup or counting calories, a dose of whey protein in a daily green smoothie can help you feel fuller and want to avoid snacking too much. Paul Arcierco, Ed.D., called whey a very effective dietary aid because it’s the most thermogenic food source that can be consumed, which means in layman’s terms that it helps burn more calories after you digest whey.

In the end, the benefits of whey protein prove that some beauty tips are more than skin deep, and The Journal of the American College of Nutrition reported that conducting strength training exercises in conjunction with consuming whey protein meant more weight loss than simply using whey alone. Therefore adding bootcamp or CrossFit classes onto your list of beauty tips along with getting your daily dose of whey protein should help the weight loss process flow more effectively and smoothly as a result.
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Weight Loss Tips for Girls: Why You Should Never Diet Like a Boy

Workout Girls
Don't think, just start doing

It is extremely important for women trying to lose weight fast to seek dietary and work out plans and resources that are specifically tailored for their gender and not those crafted for the menfolk. The reason for this is the considerable differences in the male and female metabolic systems the most crucial of which include difference in fat levels and deposits, difference in the effects of stress on metabolism in men and women and the difference in the risk of metabolic syndrome in men and women.
Today I would like to highlight and focus on diet plans and why women should never attempt to follow a man's diet routine.

To save time I would list them in quick bullet points:
  • First off surely has to be the metabolic difference between the genders. Men burn calories and fat at a quicker rate than women and are likely to exercise more than women so can afford to eat slightly more carbs and sugars in their diets.
  • Secondly is the basic fact that women eat significantly less than men hence following a man's dietary program could in some cases lead to over eating thus making your workout efforts redundant.
  • Due to the metabolic differences in the two genders, certain food compounds are processed differently in men and women. Most notably, women store more fat on their bodies than men and in different locations from the men, although women also burn fat quicker than men in response to certain exercises Due to this fact, dieting like a man can lead to a significant and detrimental imbalance in your weight loss efforts.
  • Most importantly and significant is the simple fact that men and women workout and diet for different reasons. For men the objective is often to get bigger or look more 'buff' and most masculine dietary and workout plans are usually designed to achieve this, whereas with women, the intent is usually to simply lose weight or look trimmer. For this reason alone a woman following a man's dietary and/or workout plan can be counterproductive or simply ineffective.
In summary, for the above listed reasons, women are required and highly advised to follow specifically crafted and effective dietary and workout plans to attain maximum results from their dietary and work out programs as you most probably do not want to waste your time, efforts and probably resources on programs that are ineffective, unfruitful and possibly counterproductive.
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16 Reasons to Lose Weight

Weight Loss Reasons
Most people want to lose weight

Most people want to lose weight because of the obvious reasons; they want to look better, be more attractive and they don't want to be fat because being fat carries a stigma in our society of being lazy and unattractive. Wherever you look skinny people are idolized in magazines, on TV and on the Internet as being popular, attractive and successful. Everyone wants these qualities because it boosts self-esteem, which is something that people who are overweight battle with on a daily basis. From a very young age right up until adulthood, being overweight comes with a self-consciousness. The 21st century has brought about a health craze, now more than ever people are trying to lose weight. With TV shows like the "Biggest Loser" and "Dance You're A** Off" we are promoting not only losing weight but becoming healthier. There are so many reasons to want to lose weight however the healthier reasons should be closer to the top of the list rather than the aesthetic ones. Use these reasons to motivate you to lose excess weight.
1. Reduce Asthma Symptoms-Although asthma is not caused by extra weight on the body, excess weight can worsen and aggravate asthma symptoms. When your overweight, the respiratory system has to work harder. Excess weight puts a strain on the lungs and adrenal glands, which manage asthma symptoms. Losing weight can reduce asthma symptoms as well as minimize the frequency of their appearance.
2. Better Breathing- Excess weight puts pressure on the internal organs, which include your lungs. More weight puts strain on the lungs making them have to work harder to breath in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide. By losing weight, there is less pressure on your lungs making it easier for oxygen and nutrients to be spread throughout the body.
3. Improve Blood Pressure- Overweight people have double the risk for hypertension (high blood pressure). This is caused because the excess weight puts pressure on the veins, making the heart have to pump harder to push the blood throughout the body. When you lose weight its easier for the blood to circulate throughout the body therefore lowering blood pressure.
4. Decrease the Risk of Heart Disease- Excess weight around the abdominal section of the body increases the risk for life threatening diseases such as heart disease. To reduce this risk you need to lose weight, especially around the mid section.
5. Lower Cholesterol-Being overweight increases your risk of having high LDL bad cholesterol, and low HDL good cholesterol. By losing weight you can lower LDL, lower total cholesterol and improve HDL cholesterol. It can also keep you off cholesterol medications that your doctor may recommend.
6. Decrease Medication- Many medications, prescriptions and OTC medications can be traced back to carrying excess weight on the body. Doctors prescribe all types of medications for people who are overweight such as blood pressure (antihypertensive), cholesterol (statin), insulin for diabetes, and drugs to lower blood sugars. However, by losing weight you can reduce the need for these medications. You can even reverse the effects so medication is no longer needed.
7. Reverse Type 2 Diabetes-Obesity is a major risk factor for Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes is the most common disease for people who are overweight. However, you can reverse the effects by losing weight. Weight loss is the most recommended treatment for people who are borderline diabetic. By losing weight you can regulate blood sugar levels and normalize insulin secretion in the body.
8. Reduced Risk of Cancer- Obesity has been linked to some forms of cancer. Women who are overweight are more prone to have breast cancer, cervical cancer, and ovarian cancer. Men who are overweight are more prone to prostate and colon cancer. By losing weight you reduce the risk for any and all of these cancers.
9. Relieve Arthritis Pain- Excess weight puts added pressure on the joints such as the knees and ankles. For people who have arthritis, inflammation in these joints already reduces mobility and function. By losing weight you can reduce the pressure on these joints, which can relieve arthritis pain. It will also improve function in these joints making it easier to move.
10 Relieve Aches and Pains- Our feet bear all the weight of our entire body. The more weight you have the more stress your feet have to bear on a daily basis. When you lose weight there is less pressure on your feet making it easier to move around and be active.
11. Better Skin- With every pound of extra weight, the more your skin stretches. As we age the elasticity in your skin declines. Therefore having excess weight as you age will decrease the ability of your skins elasticity. Additionally ones diet can cause changes in ones skin color and elasticity. Overweight people consume larger amounts of carbohydrates and sugars, which causes skin to be paler in color and can increase the amount of skin tags, excess growths of skin on the outside of the body. By reducing these types of foods in ones diet, you can lose weight and also revitalize the skin.
12. Sleep Sound- People who are overweight have a higher risk for sleep disorders. Excess weight can increase the likelihood of diminished sleep due to sleep apnea. Sleep apnea disrupts sound sleep, which reduces the ability to sleep all the way through the night. By losing weight you can decrease sleep apnea symptoms and sleep all the way through the night.
13. Increased Endurance and Stamina- With every extra pound added to ones weight, you reduce the ability to do every day activities because you become tired or winded. As these activities become difficult you try to avoid them or find ways around them. However if you lose weight it becomes easier to walk, exercise, climb stairs, etc.
14. Better Mood- When one is overweight the bodies system is out of balance. This includes the amount of hormones that control mood. Overweight people are at risk for severe depression and most suffer from depressive feelings. Additionally depression can cause one to become overweight because depression reduces the desire to help or prevent themselves from becoming overweight. Losing weight can improve ones overall well being, boosting self-image and self-confidence. Exercise increases the release of endorphins, a hormone that enhances mood, which eliminates depressive feelings. To balance the hormones in the body reduce the amount of fat tissue in the body.
15. Increase Quality of Life- Overweight people typically suffer from low self esteem, have feelings of shame, and are more socially isolated. Additionally, sexual performance can be compromised by excess weight. When you lose weight you become more confident in yourself. You have confidence in your appearance and you feel better about not only the way you look but also yourself in general. This improves your ability to meet people, gain friends, socialize, and have romantic relationships.
16. Increase Longevity- Added weight on the body not only increases the risk of disease, but it reduces ones life expectancy. Losing weight can drastically increase the length of ones life. Eating healthier and exercising can increase the longevity of ones life. This includes eliminating and avoiding bad habits.
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