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How To Lose Weight Using Green Coffee Bean Extract

green coffee bean extract,


 Green Coffee Bean Extract

This is going to be the “mother” of all slimming treatments. Green coffee bean extracts! If nothing else, the health-supplements companies are now laughing all the way to their banks. Can lose weight without extra exercise and without changing lifestyle, and just over $20 a month; who wouldn’t give this a try? I will. But I don’t need to lose weight, so I save the money. Now, straight to the point; how to lose weight using green coffee bean extract. 

What are green coffee bean extract

We are used to imagine coffee beans as dark brown or black in color. When we drink coffee, we expect the coffee to be black when freshly brewed. Then we may add either cream or milk, changing the color of the coffee we drink. Ever heard of white coffee? In our location, it is very common to drink white coffee. Of course there is no such thing as white coffee coming from white coffee beans. We refer to coffee with milk powder or cream powder as white coffee when they are packed in sachets. Another version of our white coffee is the common coffee with milk. Enough for a short digression.
Now about green coffee beans. Green coffee beans are simply coffee beans that have not been roasted. Green coffee beans contain this so-called “wonder” natural anitoxidant called chlorogenic acid which slows down and also reduces the release of glucose in the body, thereby effectively promotes weight loss. Less sugar means less fat build-up and no weight gain.It also stabilizes blood sugar level maintaining a healthy body. As such diabetic patients can also benefit from the green coffee beans.
Below are the three main effects of chlorogenic acid helping weight loss and maintaining a healthy sugar level in the body:
  1. The chlorogenic acid goes into the bloodstream and causes the body to burn glucose or sugar and fat mainly in the liver.
  2. The chlorogenic acid slows down the release of sugar or glucose in the blood stream, especially after a meal.
  3. With the two combined effects, we have the synergistic results of burning fat, blocking fat and even stopping fat accumulation.
When there is no excessive sugar in the bloodstream, there is no fat build-up, and therefore no weight gain. Another advantage of taking green coffee bean extract is that it is a natural and safe method to lose weight.

Commercial products of the green coffee bean extract

green coffee bean extract,


The chlorogenic acid is extracted from the green coffee beans and packed in capsules. There are numerous brands on the market. The product is usually called “green coffee beans” or “green coffee bean extracts”. According to the popular Dr. Oz, a good branded “green coffee bean extract” product should have the following facts:
· Contains Svetol or GCA
· No binders, fillers, additives and other low-quality ingredients
· 100% pure and in vegetarian capsules
· Contains a minimum of 50% Chlorogenic Acid
· Preferably with unconditional money-back guarantee
The recommended dosage is one 800mg capsule, twice a day.

Other considerations on green coffee bean extract

Buy a quality product:
The green coffee bean extract for losing weight is quite a recent “discovery”, especially after being featured in the popular Dr. Oz show. Bearing in mind, weight-loss or weight-control programs are very high on the top list of any health regime, there will be high incidence of inferior commercial products in the market. So be very careful if you are buying this product. I am a firm believer of good quality products. It is just plain common sense to pay more for quality products than to save a few dollars ending up with inferior products which may even hurt our health, or aggravate the health problem that we are trying to solve in the first place. I think you will not be off the mark by following the advice of Dr. Oz when considering purchasing the green coffee bean extract.
Caffeine in coffee:
Now the often asked question; is there caffeine in the green coffee bean extract? Coffee has caffeine, which means green coffee beans should also have caffeine. The question is how much? An average cup of coffee contains 100mg to 150mg of caffeine. A quality branded green coffee bean extract has only less than 8mg of caffeine. This is the result of decaffeination of the coffee beans. Please note, inferior brands are found to contain as much as 40mg or more of caffeine! On a note of caution, you should always start with less than the recommended quantity, then gradually follow the recommended dose.
Side effects of green coffee bean extract
There should not be any side effect on a normal healthy person. After all it is just coffee. However, nursing and pregnant women and children are advised not to take green coffee bean extract.
People with kidney or liver problems or on prescription drugs are also advised not to take the green coffee bean extract.

The rest is up to you

Especially with such a high profile, high demand product, there will be proponents and critics on both sides. Actually it is very easy to proof the effectiveness of this green coffee bean claim. Try one bottle and you will know in due course. In the meantime, the suppliers are still smiling!!

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