6 Tips for You to Stay Healthy After 40

6 Tips to Stay Healthy After 40
Hello dear friend!
I know weight loss is hard after 40 because of a series of changes that affect our bodies. These changes certainly affect our digestive system, metabolism rate, hormones and other body functions.
You are in your 40s, I know you have business responsibilities, growing children, old parents are with you but still you cannot put aside your health.
Think about the long-term.
You will have to take care of your health. These are the 6 pieces of caution.

Consult your doctor
Consult your doctor every three months. If possible have a monthly check up. Take care of your eye sight. Check your blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol level.
These steps will help you keep up with your health.

After you are 40 years old you will be losing 1% of muscle mass every year. Losing muscles will result into a slow metabolism rate.
Do some exercise to boost your metabolism rate and to gain muscles.
I want to suggest this exercise to you.
At least 3 times a week I go to a nearby park and do this exercise. If park is not available use your room, T.V lounge and stairs.
I run there for 15 minutes. 5 minutes to warm up my body, next 5 minutes to speed up my heart beat and the last 5 minutes to slow down.
This exercise has a great impact on my body. As I do it early in the morning, I am fresh and energetic throughout my daily activities.

Stop blaming hormones
I know hormones contribute toward weight gain. But blaming hormones is useless. We will have to do something about them.
Exercise regularly. Eat a balanced diet. Be conscious about your health but don't stop your efforts.

Be positive
Research shows that most diseases are the result of stress and tension. I want you to avoid stress. Try to feel good.
Stay close to your religion or spiritual activities. Take a warm shower. Smile please. Smiling is good for a good health.
Add the sweetness of smile into your daily life.

Take a good sleep
Good sleep is necessary for a long and healthy life. God granted us night so that we can relax and enjoy.
Lack of good sleep has a direct connection with weight gain.
Two hormones named as Leptin and ghrelin controls hunger and satiety. Sleeping less disturbs the working of leptin and ghrelin.
If you sleep less than 8 hours it will result into stress, anxiety and diabetes.

Magic pill
What is a magic pill? It is a natural element that will give you essential vitamins without having you gain weight.
Do you know the ingredients of this magic pill?
Fruits, vegetables, nuts and water are the key ingredients of a magic pill.
Water is the most important element to aid you in weight loss. Remember to drink 8 to 12 glasses of this pure drink every day.
Thanks for reading.
I am a weight loss expert.
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6 Tips for You to Stay Healthy After 40