Weight Loss Tips for Girls: Why You Should Never Diet Like a Boy

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It is extremely important for women trying to lose weight fast to seek dietary and work out plans and resources that are specifically tailored for their gender and not those crafted for the menfolk. The reason for this is the considerable differences in the male and female metabolic systems the most crucial of which include difference in fat levels and deposits, difference in the effects of stress on metabolism in men and women and the difference in the risk of metabolic syndrome in men and women.
Today I would like to highlight and focus on diet plans and why women should never attempt to follow a man's diet routine.

To save time I would list them in quick bullet points:
  • First off surely has to be the metabolic difference between the genders. Men burn calories and fat at a quicker rate than women and are likely to exercise more than women so can afford to eat slightly more carbs and sugars in their diets.
  • Secondly is the basic fact that women eat significantly less than men hence following a man's dietary program could in some cases lead to over eating thus making your workout efforts redundant.
  • Due to the metabolic differences in the two genders, certain food compounds are processed differently in men and women. Most notably, women store more fat on their bodies than men and in different locations from the men, although women also burn fat quicker than men in response to certain exercises Due to this fact, dieting like a man can lead to a significant and detrimental imbalance in your weight loss efforts.
  • Most importantly and significant is the simple fact that men and women workout and diet for different reasons. For men the objective is often to get bigger or look more 'buff' and most masculine dietary and workout plans are usually designed to achieve this, whereas with women, the intent is usually to simply lose weight or look trimmer. For this reason alone a woman following a man's dietary and/or workout plan can be counterproductive or simply ineffective.
In summary, for the above listed reasons, women are required and highly advised to follow specifically crafted and effective dietary and workout plans to attain maximum results from their dietary and work out programs as you most probably do not want to waste your time, efforts and probably resources on programs that are ineffective, unfruitful and possibly counterproductive.
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Weight Loss Tips for Girls: Why You Should Never Diet Like a Boy